*Southern Colonies*

Their are Five different colonies in the Southern Colonies. Maryland, Virginia, North Corolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Maryland was founded in 1633 for religeos freedom. Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina were founded in 1607, 1653, and 1663 for the large profits they made. Georgia was founded in 1732 as a deptor colony.

A deptor colony is a colony in which people that owe large sums of money go to instead of being thrown into jail, since that was the law back then.

  • Georgia founded by James Oglethorpe.
  • Maryland founded by Lord Baltimore
  • North Carolina founded by Virginia colonists
  • South Carolina founded by English Colonists
  • Virginia founded by John Smith

All of the Southern Colonies were at the foot of a mountain, have red clay, and border the Atlantic Ocean.

Map of Southern Colonies