*New England*
There are five of the New England colonies, which include Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. These colonies were founded for religous reasons.
Massachusetts was founded in the year 1630, by John Winthrop. The average height of Massachusetts is 500 feet above sea level. Massachusetts is also the 44th biggest state out of all 50! That makes Massachusetts tiny, The highest point is Mount Greylock, which is 348 feet above sea level.
New Hampshire was founded by John Mason, in the year of 1680. 382 square miles are covered by water in New Hampshire. Some major lakes are Squam Lake, Newfound Lake, and Lake Winnepesaukee. New Hampshire is the 46th largest state, so it is smaller than Massachusetts.
Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut in the year 1636. Connecticut is one of the very smallest states. Just like Masscahusetts, Connecticut is 500 feet above sea level. 4845 miles cover land area.
In the year 1636 Roger Williams founded Rhode Island.Rhode Island was founded in the smae year as Connecticut was. Lake Scituatesakonnet and Reservoir River are big water formations in Rhode Island. The highest point is Jerimoth Hill, standing 812 feet, or 200 feet above sea level. Rhode Island is the very smallest state out of all 50! That's tiny!
The Puritans wanted to travel to America, so they could practice their religion freely. They soon formed their own colony, with the help of King Charles the first.Rhode Island, which is part of the New England colonies was the first European colony in Americe to allow freedom of religion.
Life in the New England Colonies was hard at first. Farming was diffulcult, because of things like the hilly areas and the rocky soil. The area had many forests and supplied them with plemty of wood to make houses, fences, and tools. Fishing was plentiful, because of the Atlantic Ocean near them. The buildings in their village were close together and organized. The poopulation in the Massachusetts Bay Colony grew quickly, because in 10 years it went from 700 people 20,000 people. The population was also the largest outr of any of the other New England Colonies. The puritans arrived in North America in the year of 1630. The Puritans came to North America with 11 ships, a herd of cows, and about 60 horses. The Alginkian word for Massachusetts means " at or near the great hill."


Map of New England Colonies