Middle Colonies

There are 4 different colonies in the Middle Colonies, Delaware New Jersy, New York, Pennsylvania. They all where founded in different years. Delaware was found in 1638 , New Jersy was founded in 1660, New York was founded in 1628, and Pennsylvania was founded in 1682. Some where founded by the same men and some where founded by only one.

  1. Peter Minuit founded Delaware
  2. Lord Berky founded New Jersy
  3. Peter Minuit also founded New York
  4. William Penn founded Pennsylvania.

They where able to come to the new world because the kings and queens heard of all the new worlds from all the colonies.And as well they asked them to go.

Some of the geographical features of the four middle colonies are. The bodies of water near, what mountains are near, and what the soil is like. By Delaware there is the Atlantic ocean also by New Jersey and New York. But there is no ocean by Pennsylvania. Pensylvania is near a mountain though, it is also near every other colony. Also all of the colonies have rich soil it is very helpful for farming.

´╗┐People had different names for all of the colonies.
New York: Duke of York
New Jearsy:Isle of Jersey England
Pennsylvania: William Penn's Father and Forest
Delaware:Lord De La Warr
map of Middle colonies