Jaeger: Loves to play outside during his free time. Plays Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer. Very athletic. Enjoys school more than most people. Is very active. Is really smart. Is the organizer of page. Likes to play on computers. Enjoys exploring. Pretty small for age. Can be picky with foods but, likes large variety of food. Has a family of four.

Celina: Loves to hang out with friends. Helps others in need of help. Loves Basketball, Soccer, Sometimes Football. Loves to play in the woods and explore new things. Has many computer games. Keeps things messy. Is very fast. Has a family of 4. Loves recess. Will be picky with food. Doesn't like to shop. Is a couch potato.

Matthew: Enjoyes reading in his freetime. Also likes to fish and play with his friends. Plays soccer and has very good ball handling skills. Alot smarter than the average, goes to 6th grade math and is in the talented and gifted class. He is very good with technoligy. Tall for his age and has a family of four.

Noah:Likes to play sports. Favorite sport is hockey. Plays offence on left wing. Also enjoys video games favorite game is Call of Duty Black opps. Plays hockey,baseball and soccer.

Hannah: Enjoys reding, watching T.V., dancing, doing gymnastics, watching movies,and sleeping in her freetime. She also loves getting her hair and nails done when she has time! On the weekends she loves to have sleepovers.Loves to go shopping, espically at the mall! Her favorite foods are fettichini alfredo with chicken, Italian ice, and gelato. Her favorite colors are blue, neon green, hot pink, and light purple.Also loves to go on vacation and travel to different places! Much rather prefers warm weather than cold. Her favorite animals are horses and dogs.For the most part keeps things very organized. Her favorite sports are horse back riding, swimmming, gymnastics,tennis, and golf.Thinks school is fun. Her favorite subjects are art, spelling, and language arts. Lives in the United States. Has a family of four.